About Us

Harvard BSA was founded in 1977 as a space to maintain the strength and unity of the Black community that existed then and to ensure future Black students had a meaningful voice on Harvard’s campus. Since then, BSA has expanded from what was initially a small circle of friends to a current membership of over 700 undergraduate students and an alumni network of close to 3,000. It is BSA’s mission to promote community interaction, facilitate dialogue between our community and the general Harvard Community, and provide a forum for the open expression of the political, social, and cultural views of black students.

BSA functions as a multifaceted entity that serves as a social group, service group, and a pre-professional group, virtually covering all of the major extra-curricular interests of college students. Even more importantly, BSA is a safe space for Black Harvard students to embrace our shared heritage and experiences with one another.


As Harvard College’s largest affinity group, BSA serves to create a thriving community that supports the legacy, talents, and diversity of Black students on campus.